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Summer is knocking on the door so if you’ve let the diet fall to the way side (join the club), help is at hand in the form of mind and body coach Kelin Law. Take it away Kelin…

Make ‘balance and consistency’ your moto

Highly restrictive diets are not sustainable in the long-term as they do not go with the flow of normal life. One minute you are ‘on a diet’ and the next you are on holiday stuffing your face with everything that you have been restricting in the run up to your holiday. This yo-yo eating pattern is incredibly stressful to your body and is thought to have a negative impact on your metabolism so that it gets harder to drop fat each time you’re back on a die. Make tweaks to your preferred way of eating to include even more nutritious raw foods, as well as balancing in some of your crave foods in moderation so you never feel deprived. It is the small daily habits that amount to significant long-term results.

Don’t cut out entire food groups

If you personally feel better without eating grains or starchy carbs then it won’t do you harm to cut back or avoid them. However, avoiding all carbs such as fruits and non-green veggies means that you are seriously missing out on vital nutrients and energy that will keep your body hydrated and healthy, and keep you feeling full and satisfied with low calorie dense foods. It’s a ‘win win’ when it comes to wanting to feel amazing whilst also shedding a few pounds!


Get colourful and spicy

The diverse colours found in foods, herbs and spices represent the different vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidant properties that keep us in tip top condition. We need a huge spectrum of these for optimum health, vitality and to keep aging at bay. Get colourful and spicy to look good, feel good and have your body and its metabolism performing at it’s peak! After all, variety is the spice of life.

Change your language to match your goals

The language that we use (in our mind and spoken) massively affects our brain chemical balance and the way that we feel. Of course, this then ultimately determines our behavior and can literally mean that we have an amazingly positively experience or a terribly negative one. Living in such a body conscious society means that we need to be extra mindful of the way that we talk to ourselves. It’s time to be our own best friend and become our own champion. Also, stop saying ‘loosing weight’ as as with weight, ‘lost’  implies that we want it back. Instead change your language to ‘I am dropping weight, getting leaner.’ Finally, when talking of your new eating routine, try to avoid saying things like ‘I can’t have that, I’m not allowed that or I shouldn’t have that’ as these words will set off your deprivation alarm bell in your mind and make you want them even more. Remember, be flexible with your eating and include a huge variety of foods so that you can have everything in moderation. Use language such as ‘I choose to eat this instead of that, because it supports my goals and makes me feel amazing’.

Make takeaways

Create lighter homemade versions of your favourite meals, puddings and treats. There are so many free recipes online nowadays for clean lean versions of everything. Avocado chocolate mousse is simply divine. Being healthy and transforming your body shouldn’t mean that you miss out on your favourite foods.

Set a real tangible goal with lots of mini interim goals

Make sure that your goal is specific, realistic and measureable, and that you have a date set for achieving it. These details are so incredibly important for getting your mind behind you in supporting your new lifestyle choices and keeping you on track. It is also crucial to set lots of smaller goals along your journey to keep you positive, motivated and confident in your success. As everyone knows, transforming your body doesn’t happen overnight and so if you can only see the long-term end goal in your mind, then it can seem like an epic task that is impossible to achieve. However, if you set yourself weekly mini goals that might include fitness achievements or positive changes in your stats, then you will keep flooding your brain with dopamine that will then fuel more and more motivation to do and achieve more.

Visualise achieving your goal everyday 

By consistently visualising achieving your goal, you are creating an inner conflict that your mind will then do all that it can to close the gap on. Furthermore, visualising yourself as you want to be causes your brain to release your happy feel-good hormones and boosts positivity, focus and drive. The more you experience this goal reality in your mind, the more you want it… and the hungrier you are to get something, the less likely that you will let anything get in your way.

Eat lots more raw foods

Fruits and vegetables are high in fibre, low in calories and full of water that hydrates your body and fills you up. All excellent qualities when we are talking about transforming your body. Furthermore, they alkalise your body and are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which will not only boost your beauty and have you looking younger, but also wards off disease, stabilise your mood and promotes optimum health. Raw natural foods are full of live enzymes that make digesting them easy whilst also improving your gut health. A healthy digestive system means that your ghrelin and leptin levels (which control your hunger and cravings) can work correctly and you are far less likely to go reaching for the cookie jar. Dropping weight is so much easier when your body and mind are healthy and vibrant, you only feel hungry when your body really needs food, and you actually have the energy to exercise

Do not avoid fats

Our body functions most proficiently when we are taking in 20-30% fats. Very low fat diets can negatively affect nerve function (our nerves are surrounded in a fatty myelin sheath) and hormone production. If our nerve cells cannot communicate effectively and our hormones cannot regulate our bodily functions optimally, then we are going to have a hard time dropping weight.

Pay attention to your inner ‘leantelligence’

The beauty of focusing your attention on the full experience of eating, the more enjoyable and satisfying it becomes. Not only that, but also when you get good at this, you can also become aware of and begin using your body’s inner ‘leantelligence’ tool. This is basically when you pay attention to the level of tastiness and joy you get from the food that you are eating, and then stop eating it when the amazing initial taste starts to ware off. This naturally occurs when your body has had enough and so it is an intelligent time to stop eating. The more you eat past this point, the more it loses it’s wow factor in taste. Eating this way means that overeating and panic eating will soon become a thing of the past, which of course makes getting that summer body a whole lot easier.

Ditch the diet once and for all

This final point follows on from the last, as once you have mastered the previous tips, you are all set with the knowledge and tools that you need to stop the destructive diet cycle of deprivation and misery and start getting the results you deserve! Relax, trust the process, love yourself and keep moving forwards.


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