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We love the idea of Selene & Gaia’s holistic menstrual and wellness care website featuring some of the best eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan personal care products.

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Launched by Amy Denne, the brand’s name combines the names of two Greek goddesses; Selene goddess of the moon and Gaia, goddess of the earth (also known as Mother Nature). The website features everything you could need to feel comforted and supported throughout your cycle from menstrual cups to organic tampons, bath oils and menstruation tea all sourced and packaged in an ethical and sustainable way.

Amy decided to launch Selene & Gaia after the many impersonal experiences she had at the supermarket. Fed up of seeing a sea of plastic covered in unflattering terms she had the vision of creating something a little more nurturing. Striving for change, she decided to take matters into her own hands to create a brand that could successfully bring together both menstrual and wellness care; understanding that both are necessary to feel in control of one’s cycle.

The brand supports the planet by working with businesses who also care for the planet by planting trees with each order, supplying a range of eco-friendly and biodegradable products unlike most of the products you find in supermarkets. An added bonus? All packaging is recyclable. As well as this she hopes the brand will help break down the stigmas that surround menstruation by normalising and talking about it more, in an approachable and educational way.


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