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Optimal Metabolic Health (OMH)

Muddy says: If you’re fed up with yo-yo dieting and watching your weight go up and down (and up again), here’s something that will help keep your weight down for good.

Tried Weight Watchers and SlimFast? Dabbled in the South Beach, Atkins and Paleo diet but still not seen any results? Well it maybe time for you to change your thought process and ditch the fad diets and turn to something a little smarter and more sustainable.

Dawn Revens is one of the very few nutritionists who offers Metabolic testing in the UK. She loves helping women lose body fat by working with their individual metabolism so they never have to diet again. Your metabolism is affected by a variety of different factors including what you eat, your age, body composition, hormone function and more so understanding your metabolism (how your body produces and consumes energy) is key to improving your weight as well as your overall health and wellbeing.

The good news is that there’s no exhaustive workout required so you can leave the gym gear at home. Instead, Dawn will use a smart piece of medically certified kit that measures the amount of energy your body needs to perform basic, at-rest functions basically it works out how many calories you need to eat per day to lose weight! It also looks at whether your body is using fat or carbohydrate as its primary fuel. If it’s not using much fat, losing weight is going to be very difficult!

This vital information is all that Dawn needs to advise you on how to eat to 
support your own metabolism, help you lose body fat and improve your general wellbeing. As a qualified Personal Trainer, she can also help with an exercise plan too. Sound simple? That’s because it is and Dawn is on hand to help you so get in contact to find out more.

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