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The Declutter Darling

Expert decluttering tips to inject a little organisation back into your home.

If you’re wrestling for space in your home or are a little bit of a hoarder like *cough* Mr Muddy, then help is at hand. I asked Rachel Burditt, aka Declutter Darling for her tips on how to inject a little organisation back into your home.

Rachel believes that “when you declutter your home, you are providing a fresh environment and energy within your personal space.”

“As you declutter, not only do you get to tidy up and provide yourself with more space, but you also get to clear your inner self and mind of all the stress that the clutter comes with.” We feel more zen already. Over to your Rachel…

Make sure you have a good storage system
I personally love to use baskets, but whatever you do use make sure that you are not cluttering up this storage. It is so easy to fill baskets and boxes of ‘stuff.’ Ensure each storage solution is fit for purpose. Don’t purchase storage until you have decluttered, otherwise you will just end up filling storage with items you don’t need. Ikea is a great destination to find specific storage solutions for everywhere in your home. If you don’t have an Ikea close by to you, shops such as Home Sense, The Range, or even The Pound Shop have some impressive boxes and baskets

Be imaginative with storage
Storage doesn’t have to be boring – there are some really innovative ways to declutter a room and still keep what you truly want. I personally tidy all my children’s toys away in a large ottoman in my front room – when my children aren’t around my living room is an immaculate, toy free, grown-up space with no chunky plastic toy baskets in sight. I also have my bookcases in the bottom of my children wardrobes. It is wasted space for them, but perfect for keeping books tidy, organised and out of sight.

Yes, you can strive towards perfection, but are you being honest with yourself about attaining this? There are many decluttering professionals that will focus on this, and I do too – but do give yourself a break. I will spend time folding clothes into drawers and ensuring that all items are tidied away, but they may not always be ironed. As long as my belongings are tidy and decluttered, I am a happy lady.

Fold, dont hang
I vertically fold items into drawers or baskets, so that they are much easier to locate. (rather than rifling through a pile of tops in a drawer). It is also an amazing space saver – just try it and see the amount of room you will have in your drawers afterwards. Items I do hang are dresses, coats, shirts, suits and jumpsuits.

Split items into categories, not rooms
For example gather all items of clothing from around your house into one spot. It’s a great way to fully understand just how much of one specific item you have. Most items tend to fall into the following categories – clothing, books, documents, mementos and finally the great miscellaneous (which everyone probably has way too much of).

Set aside time to declutter
If you do a little bit of decluttering every day, you will never get the job done. Life has too many interruptions (and i should know what with having two young children and running my own business). If you haven’t decluttered and stayed tidy so far, you may find it impossible to develop this habit a little at a time. One room may take more than a day – but the results will be worth it!

As much as some of the houses and rooms the we see on Instagram and pinterest may seem beautiful, they are not always attainable. Yes, it would be lovely to have matching felt hangers in all my wardrobes, or a walk in wardrobe, or a beautiful titanium spice rack. Unfortunately, this isn’t always attainable and can be extremely costly. Work with what budget you have and as long as the results make you happy, that’s all that matters.

I use a lot of plastic baskets in my kitchen cupboards to keep like for like products together, this is an affordable solution to tidying and decluttering, rather than splurging on something I love but can’t really justify the spend.

Respect your belongings
This is a tip I have learnt from Marie Kondo – the successful businesswoman and professional tidier. Don’t leave your clothes squashed together in a heap in your wardrobe. Don’t shove your books underneath your bed. You have spent money on these items, look after them and place them where they need to be.

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