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How to declutter your home

Who needs Marie Kondo when you've got decluttering expert Samantha Tidball on hand. We got her expert tips on how to start decluttering your home, room by room. Let's take a deep breath and get started shall we?

Does your house need a bit more than a spring clean? Stashing clothes with tags still on, hoarding magazines from waaay back? Sound a little too familiar?

Samantha Tidball started her company Start Fresh as she’s passionate and proud about being organised and methodical in her personal life. She believes in simplifying and making our home lives easier and says you don’t need fancy tools to get stared. The organisational whizz shares some top tips to ease you in…

I’m a big list person so I have small “to do lists” for every room for short and long term goals. I also believe in getting the most out of the storage space we already have in our homes.

Living Room

Check your coffee table as it’s the focal point of your room – obviously the first thing everyone sees when they walk in. Don’ t leave it completely covered with toys and books. Make it a habit of clearing it up once a day whether it’s first thing in the morning or after the kids have gone to bed.


The kitchen is the best place to make use of your storage space – modern day kitchens are kitted out with lots of storage but if your kitchen is slightly older then I recommend using baskets to arrange food, spices, tupper ware etc. Most cupboards have no order, so by using baskets you’ll be able to remember what goes where. Keep every day items on an easy-to-reach lower shelf and other pieces that you don’t often use above. Hang things like pots and pans up if it makes your life easier and it can help your kitchen look and feel a bit more organised.


Make the bed every morning, when you walk into a bedroom with a made bed you instantly feel calm and relaxed and similarly, put your clothes away at the end of the day – they don’t belong on the floor or draped over your arm chair. This will instantly make your bedroom feel less cluttered. 

Kid’s bedroom

A bit of a tough one, but if you get them involved from the beginning it might may help. Ask your child to decide what they would like to put away for safe keeping i.e. football trophies, school certificates and have them choose a few items to display in their room. Also ask them what they don’t really need, use or play with and get their permission before you throw it away! Remember they’re little people, so get on their level (down on your knees if necessary) and see what they see. Storage cubbies are great for kids – label them so they know what goes where and will help them when they tidy up.


Start by checking the expiry date on your beauty products – if you can’t find it or it’s faded it probably means it’s gone past the date so bin it! Old makeup harbours tonnes of germs and won’t work as well as when they were brand new and don’t forget to throw out those free samples that you never used or opened. 

Start Fresh

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