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Better than Botox? The Zone Face lift

I don’t now much about facials and I don’t know much about reflexology but anything that promises to take off 10 years in 12 weeks has got my attention. The ‘Zone Face Lift’ is a totally non-invasive procedure; that’s right – no injections, no fillers and no pain so it didn’t take much to persuade this novice (who hates needles) to try it out.

Karen Joseph has been practisicing reflexology for quite a few years but it’s only in the last six years that she quit her 9-to-5 job and focussed her attention on her passion. She recently trained with ‘facial reflexologist to the stars’ Ziggie Bergmann who has pioneered the Zone Face Lift and is widely regarded as the UK’s leading facial reflexologist and holistic beauty expert. Karen has now bought what she learned over in London, to the heart of Leicestershire.

I’d never heard about the Zone Face Lift until a chance encounter with Karen and in the midst of a particularly exhausting time, the thought of having some time to myself (1.5 hrs to be exact) and feeling rejuvenated was too tempting to resist.

So what the bejesus is facial reflexology? Well, it’s like normal reflexology but for the face and uses the same principles as ‘foot’ reflexology, so points on your face are connected to areas on your body. Stimulating these points helps your body rebalance, eliminate toxins, smooth, tighten and lift the face to leave you with a glow and feeling completely relaxed. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also good for reducing the symptoms of nasties like IBS, stress, sleep disorders and hormone imbalances. The cynic in me says it sounds too good to be true, but let’s find out.

Karen is based at The Manor Hair and Beauty – a light, bright and spacious salon in the small village of Tur Langton. We started off with a brief consultation downstairs before moving to her treatment room.

The room was a good size and was kept cool (due to the sweltering heat outside) and the lighting low – always a nice touch to help when trying to relax. There was no music in the background, just complete silence and boy did I appreciate that! The room was in pristine condition and neatly laid out beside the bed was a variety of Neals Yard creams, oils, lotions and some organic products. I also spotted a few facial ‘tools’ including bumpy rollers, rollers with needles (luckily I didn’t need any of these) and a funny looking jade stone. Turns out this jade stone is actually a massaging tool called a ‘Gua Sha’.

Karen started by using a cooling gel, heated towels and for the next hour and half she swept, stroked, gently prodded and used pressure points on my face in an effort to lift, smooth and get rid of toxins. My favourite part of the facial was when she used the jade Gua Sha tool. She used it on under my cheek bones and it felt like a light facial massage – the aim is to encourage circulation and removes toxins from the skin to clarify the complexion leaving a healthy glow.

As I lay there, I imagined using this little tool to massage the knots in my shoulders and upper back. Karen later tells me that in China they do actually use it to for this, but rather than  massage, they ‘scrape’ the body. Ouch!

It was the most relaxed I’d felt in a long time and when we were finished, I struggled to get up – I felt a little light headed but this only lasted a few seconds. I threw off the towel and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Hmm I didn’t look any younger but my skin was glowing and definitely looked a little more plump and fuller.

For best results, Karen suggests booking a course of treatments. It’s cheaper than Botox (and probably more effective with no nasty side effects) totally relaxing and while Ziggie charges £165 for an hour, Karen offers it at a reasonable £65 (but you lucky readers get to enjoy a special offer – see below). She’s the only reflexologist who offers the treatment in Leicestershire and I expect once word gets out, her phone will be ringing off the hook.

Karen is offering £10 off the Zone Face Lift in June and July (£55 instead of £65). Quote ‘Muddy Stilettos’ when making a booking. A full treatment last 2 hours.

Karen Joseph Reflexology. The Manor, Main Street, Tur Langton, Leicester LE8 0PJ


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