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Amelia Nour Apothecary

Muddy says, Amelia Nour’s shelves are brimming with luxurious vegan skincare and beauty products you won’t find elsewhere locally.

Inside the beautifully designed apothecary, the shelves are brimming with gorgeous beauty goodies you’ve probably never heard of. The concept of Amelia Nour is to offer the best, customer focused service using, the best organic and vegetarian products available in an absolutely serene and peaceful environment.

Born and raised in a vegetarian family, Meesha Kanadia has always remained conscious about what beauty and wellbeing products she chose to use and how they were derived and in time it became apparent to her that nature provides us with beautiful ingredients and when used in correct proportions, can be beneficial for our wellbeing both inside and outside the body.

All the products in Amelia Nour are vegan, vegetarian and are all ethically sourced and include, Odacité, Oskia, Sachajuan and Elemental Herbology. You’ll also find body oils, delicious candles from Cocolux, super foods, supplements and health foods.

Constantly on the hunt for new products that fit the Amelia Nour ethos, Meesha also regularly hosts beauty and skincare workshops alongside some of the leading experts from the stocked brands to inform and educate her customers. So pop in, try some new products and discover the secrets to gorgeous and healthy looking hair, skin and your wellbeing.

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