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Skincare rules from an industry expert

We sat down with skin expert and super facialist Andrea Simpson who gave us her top tips on what to do and how to do it right!

The Facial Fairy, also known as Andrea Simpson has worked all over the world and has treated celebrities as well as royalty.

Here she gives us some of her top tips to help you get through the January blues, perk up your parched and partied-out skin and get your glow back!

1. Double cleanse! The first cleanse removes the ‘day’ i.e make-up, pollution, dirt, grime and SPF. Once that’s removed, then cleanse again right into the hairline, paying attention to crevice’s around the nose, chin and of course the neck to unclog blackheads and slough off dead skin cells for a brighter clearer complexion.

2. Using a muslin cloth to remove your cleanser will gently exfoliate the skin, and aid better removal of the cleanser for a healthier, glowing skin.

3. If you’re splashing water on your face to rinse away your cleanser, use tepid water. If the water is too hot or too cold it can aggravate the skin, causing redness, sensitivity, and dryness.

4. Ditch the cleansing wipes! All they do is smear makeup, grime etc around your face, rather than lifting it off and cleaning and often contain lanolin and mineral oil which can cause the skin to look red, dry, dull and aggravated.

5. Use SPF! Yes you’ve heard it before and there’s a reason why; it’s your daily defence! Rain, shine, sun or snow. Wear it every day!

6. Infuse your drinking water with slices of lemon, mint, cucumber, carrot to hydrate, detox and nourish the skin.

7. Clean your mobile phone, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and causes breakouts to the skin. Wash your hand before cleansing your skin and if you suffer from acne, change your pillow slip regularly to help prevent bacteria spreading.

8. Keep it simple to start; cleans, moisturise and use SPF. Once this becomes a good habit, then introduce serums, oils and boosters like retinoids. The latter is an anti-aging super product but do your research before you dabble. If in doubt, speak to an expert who can advise you on the right retinol product for your skin. 

9. Give yourself a facial massage – it encourages the blood to the area, which is why you’ll always look a little flushed after having one. The blood brings rich nutrients and oxygen to every cell of the skin. This powers the cells to regenerate, encouraging those juicy new cells to move up the layers of the skin, so your skin looks dewier, youthful and glowing. A facial massage gets rid of dead skin cells and also helps rid the skin of toxins and fluid, which can cause puffy skin. 

10. The best way to massage your face is by starting on your neck using your hands upwards towards the jawline – this will help tone and lift. Using a sweeping upward and outwards circles to the cheeks and face (pressure should never be downwards). Applying gentle pressure to the sinus area will also help with congestion. Continue those circles onto the forehead, finishing with a light circle and pressure to the temple. You can massage using  your cleanser, your exfoliator, your face treatment oil or your moisturiser. 

11. Don’t use your facial cleanser to remove your eye-make up.  The skin around your eye area is much thinner than the rest of the face and should be treated gently so avoid pressure and rubbing when removing your eye make-up.  Instead use a damp cotton wool, and leave this in place just for a moment for it to start to break down the mascara etc. Removal will then be much quicker and gentle.

12. Keep your eye-cream in the fridge, it instantly refreshes and helps with puffiness.

13. When applying eye cream, remember less is more. Using your ring finger (this gives the lightest and controlled pressure) press around the eye but not too close. The sphincter muscle around the eye is blinking constantly so this action will encourage the product to move nearer to the eye at a controlled rate, so as not to cause puffiness. Using your ring finger gently massage the eye area using a circle motion from the tear ducts to the outer corners of the eye.

14. Wear sunglasses, even in winter, squinting causes premature wrinkles and fine lines.

15. Take regular breaks from your computer screen and mobile phone. The blue light causes stress to the skin. If you have to use your gadgets, switch on the night shift button and lower the brightness on your devices in the evening so your eyes will not feel as strained.

Andrea Simpson

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2 comments on “Skincare rules from an industry expert”

  • Hannah June 19, 2019

    Amazing tips; will definitely be following. Perfect for a novice like me xxx

  • Jess January 29, 2019

    Omg amazing tips🙂 you was amazing teaching aswel , you must be 100% proud of your self love jess xx


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