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Muddy tries cryolipolysis fat-freezing

Got a wobbly bulge that just won’t shift? This treatment is totally non invasive and there's no down time at all (music to my ears) so it seemed a great alternative to surgery and who doesn't like a little instant gratification?

Pic via Rawpixel.

Ever wanted to be rid of your bulging belly? What about those wobbly bits on your upper arms? Muddy recently plucked up the courage to try Cryolipolysis.

Cryo what? Also known as fat freezing, it’s the go-to treatment for celebs like Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashians oh, and the best bit? There’s no down time, minimal pain, no knives and it blasts away pockets of fat with excellent results.


Fab Clinics is a multi award-winning aesthetic and cosmetic clinic run by Elena Chapman. It’s on a busy road but once inside, it feels totally tranquil. All the aestheticians are Harley Street trained and the clinic offers rejuvenating and restorative skin treatments using the latest whizzy technology; HIFU, radiofrequency, microneedling, medical brightening facials, cryo induced lipolisys as well as manicures, pedicures, waxing and more.


I was immediately impressed with Vicky. She seemed to know everything – and I mean everything about fat-freezing plus, she’s had the treatment done and was happy with the results. Always a good sign.

Fat freezing is intended for fat loss, not weight loss and is a much safer alternative to liposuction and can be done pretty much anywhere on the body where there are bulgy pockets of fat so think stomach, inner thighs, belly, back, underside of the buttocks. I’d decided to have the treatment on my stomach and before we got started, Vicky measured the area so we could monitor the results. I then jumped on to the beauty bed which she’d nicely warmed up for me.

It’s probably a good time to let you know that there’s nothing I hate more than being cold so I had fully prepared myself for an unpleasant experience. The first thing Vicky did was put down an antifreeze membrane sheet on the area she was treating. Boy was it cold! She then she smoothed it over my belly and that was worse. Brrrrr! As she switched on the machine and clamped the first cool plate on my belly, I braced myself for the worst. It was a little uncomfortable but, I didn’t feel much pain; it felt like a teeny tiny tornado under the plate hoovering and sucking up all those nasty fat cells. Much to my surprise, it was completely tolerable.

Vicky was so careful and checked the exact positioning of the machine ensuring it wasn’t covering my belly button (apparently that’s a big no no!). Once she was happy, she proceeded to place the second plate on the other side of my belly. I must have looked ridiculous, well, judge for yourself…

The purpose of each plate was to blast my fat cells with temperatures of -7°C to -10°C. The dying cells then go through your body’s biological processes and are eliminated through the liver. Genius! The plates had to stay on for at least 30 minutes and in that time I could have happily read a magazine or flicked through my Instagram, but Vicky stayed with me and we were chatting the entire time so before I knew it, my 30 minutes were up.

She took the plates off and what I was left with were two huge red marks on either side of my stomach. When I touched my stomach, it was numb and ice cold but no pain. Vicky then used an acoustic wave therapy machine on the area to help break down the frozen fat cells into smaller chunks, making it easier for the lymphatic system to remove the destroyed fat cells. It felt like strong pulses on my stomach and didn’t last very long.

Left pic immediately after the fat freezing and right pic was taken immediately after the acoustic wave therapy.


You’d think it would be more painful or uncomfortable but I literally felt nothing after the treatment so when they say ‘no down time’ they really mean it. The reaction can vary and some have experienced slight bruising and a little pain the next day, like you’d have after a good workout.

What’s worth mentioning is that the procedure doesn’t shed pounds and more than one treatment may be necessary to see the best results. What can happen is you could get an up to 25 percent fat reduction but it can be mild depending on the person and the area they are having treated.

Results aren’t immediate and take up to 2-3 months so Fab Clinics always suggest you come in for a follow up appointment to get measured again to see the results. Yes, it is permanent but only if you control your weight and stick to a healthy lifestyle so it can help you fit into your favorite pair of skinny jeans but, it doesn’t give you the green light to stuff your face with pizza because with all weight gain, it has to go somewhere.


After three months, I headed back to get my results. Vicky measured the same area and gave me the news. I didn’t feel like I had lost any fat but I was pleasantly surprised. On my lower abdomen I had gone from 87 cm to 86.5 cm and had lost 1 cm on my belly button area and gone from 84 cm to 83 cm. See for yourself!

Here are some results from previous clients.

Fab Clinics, 199 Park Road, Loughborough, LE11 2HE. Tel: 01509 400 444.

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