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Review: KIN

KIN is the second show from Barely Methodical Group – an urban, contemporary circus act. It’s funny, electric, entertaining and will have you gasping from the get go.

Take five blokey guys; each one strong and confident. Throw in some comedy, exceptional acrobatic skills and a woman and see how they fight for her attention and affection.

KIN starts with an audition, complete with a Britain’s Got Talent-style buzzer when the female lead (Nikki Rummer) encourages the boys to impress her. Deadpan, she shows no emotion. As the audience laughs, she takes her coat off to reveal a seriously trained, toned and muscular body.

The set-up is simple. A black backdrop, a few acrobatic props and the performers themselves. This is the antithesis of Cirque du Soleil; stripped-back and raw circus acts delivered in a modern but funny way.

As the title suggests, the show looks at what it means to be a family and Nikki asks them a series of short questions including what they fear and love. Sometimes the answers are serious, sometimes funny but with each answer comes a highly entertaining dance routine.

At moments it felt like I was watching peacocks fanning their plumage, strutting their stuff and dancing to impress the peahen but there were also times, through Nikki’s dance routines when I felt she was saying, anything you can do, I can do better.

There’s something poetic about the way the performers fall, tumble, leap and rely on one another because without each other, they’re nothing, reinforcing the idea of kinship.

Their are brilliant moments including the performance on the Cyr wheel – basically a giant hula hoop ring which was absolutely mesmerising to watch, especially with the beautiful musical choice.

Meanwhile, the teeterboard – a giant seesaw, on which they hurl themselves in the air had the audience oohing and ahhing throughout; each time they landed safely, I felt my shoulders relax and my fists unclench.

It’s impressive, exhilarating and what starts off as a cheesy audition, quickly becomes one of the most electric urban dance and acrobatic shows I’ve seen in a long time.

Curve, 60 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1SB

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