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  • Seeking new book inspo?

    Do yourself a favour and make it one of Muddy pro-bookworm's Kerry's perfect picks for March. Clear space on your Kindle!

  • book-notepad-pen

    The best memoirs to read

    This month we're all about real-life stories. Well, the truth is often stranger than fiction, after all.

  • November Book Club

    Attention book worms! Monocle on - here are this month's top tomes, especially for you. Blanket, slippers, kettle and fire all on? Lovely, let’s proceed with this month’s top tomes.

  • October’s best reads

    Muddy bookclub ahoy! Don’t read anything until you’ve read our latest, greatest literary picks for October.

    • What we’re reading now

      Didn’t manage to read these top tomes on the sunlounger? Just enjoy them cosied up on your sofa instead! Whether you’re whizzing off to a sun-lounger in far-flung climes over the coming months or simply curling up on your sofa trying to zone out our abysmal British weather, you’ll be needing a good book to lose yourself […]

    • The Muddy Book Club – September’s best new reads

      Read all about it! Muddy's pro-bookworm Kerry Potter burrows into this month's best literary offerings.

      • Muddy Book Club: brilliant beach reads

        Sunglasses on, sunlounger primed, children gagged – it’s Muddy’s best holiday books! Never mind what to wear on holiday, what to read? There’s so much choice – and so much catching up to do, if you normally average 2 pages a night before collapsing into a coma. To help you avoid panic-buying a crap airport […]

      • Work driving you nuts? We have a book for that

        Career crisis? We're here to help with five ace new self-help books.

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